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SWING-UP POST OPTION\u000ACOMMERCIAL SECTIONAL DOORS\u000ASPECIALTY APPLICATIONS\u000A  The swing-up post option offers the ability to span a large opening as required. Each door can be operated independently when the full opening is not needed.\u000ACHOOSING THE RIGHT DOOR\u000AC.H.I.\u2019s full line up of commercial sectional doors includes insulated sandwich doors, ribbed panel doors and full-view aluminum doors. We also offer a complete line of rolling steel, fire doors and high-performance doors. With our complete commercial product line we have the right door to meet any specification.\u000A Insulted Sandwich Doors\u000A\u2022 Conditioned Commercial Buildings\u000A\u2022 Fire/Ambulance Stations\u000A\u2022 Warehouse & Manufacturing Facilities \u2022 Heated/Cooled Agricultural Buildings \u2022 Truck Terminals\u000ARibbed Steel\u000A\u2022 Dock Doors\u000A\u2022 Non-Insulated Commercial Spaces \u2022 Outbuildings & Sheds\u000A\u2022 Rental Storage Facilities\u000AWANT TO SEE MORE?\u000AVisit:\u000AFull-View Aluminum\u000A\u2022 Restaurants & Pubs\u000A\u2022 Indoor/Outdoor Spaces\u000A\u2022 Storefronts\u000A\u2022 Auto Dealerships & Service Centers \u2022 Fire Stations\u000A       11\u000A

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