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CONTENTS\u000Afor Commercial Rolling Steel Doors\u000A SERIES 6000 NON-INSULATED SERVICE DOORS\u000ASeries 6000 coiling service doors are engineered and designed for maximum strength and durability. Manufactured to stringent code standards, the Series 6000 line is built to provide a long-lasting reliable performance.\u000ASERIES 6000 INSULATED SERVICE DOORS\u000AC.H.I. offers a premium insulated door guaranteed to deliver years of dependable operation while meeting and exceeding your project requirements. The Series 6000 is computer engineered and designed for durability, security, and thermal efficiency.\u000AAvailable in a host of gauges and color options for design flexibility and to meet the rigorous applications for use.\u000ASERIES 7000 FIRE DOORS\u000ASelected most often for practical drop test compliance and assuring positive crisis response, C.H.I. GuardianTM Fire Doors deliver reliable, predictable, and repeatable results. Safe, simple, inexpensive, and repeatable drop testing is now made possible in any facility with the flip of a handle.\u000AOur Coiling Fire Doors are available in a variety of gauges, slat profiles and colors. Also choose from fail-safe time delayed releases, smoke detectors and audible and visual warning systems.\u000ASERIES 7500 FIRE SHUTTER\u000AU.L. labeled counter fire doors are engineered for installation to approved sheet drywall, steel, and masonry construction for areas that require a fire listed counter door in a rated fire wall. Utilizing the same GuardianTM drop testing system, our Fire Counter Doors offer space-saving design with performance-proven engineering features.\u000AFire Counter Doors are available with steel and stainless steel curtain options along with a variety of optional accessories and operation choices.\u000ASERIES 6500 COUNTER SHUTTER\u000AThe 6500 series Coiling Counter Doors offer the best in security, flexibility, and appeal. Unique joint designs produce a flush curtain to achieve a seamless, clean appearance. End users and specifiers appreciate the design, fit, finish and practicality that define this product.\u000AC.H.I. Coiling Counter Doors are available with steel, stainless steel or aluminum curtain options.\u000ASERIES 9100 AND 9200 SIDE FOLDING GRILLES AND CLOSURES\u000AOffering the most resourceful way to secure an opening for most any application, the Side Folding Grilles and Closures move horizontally from the side of an opening or storefront by means of a track mounted to a supporting header.\u000AThe 9100 Series side folding grilles and closures are designed in a variety of configurations to complement surrounding architecture and allow for greater flexibility. The Model 9200 EZ Side Folding Grille ships in its own storage pocket and includes an aluminum pocket door, making installation a breeze. Even better, the pocket is only 6-inches wide and fits flush with a 6-inch steel stud, allowing it to be built into a wall.\u000ASERIES 9300 LIFT READY ROLLING GRILLE\u000AThe Series 9300 lift rolling steel doors are a revolutionary new design that reduces installation time without compromising security. Grilles are equipped with the exclusive Smart- Lock System allowing end users to engage the lock at a convenient height and then close the rolling steel door to the floor.\u000AAvailable in a variety of curtain options including straight & brick rod patterns, polycarbonate, perforated aluminum, rod & link, solid aluminum, perforated, polycarbonate, and tempered glass.\u000A 2\u000A  4 ........ 6000 NON-INSULATED SERVICE DOORS 6 ........ 6000 INSULATED SERVICE DOORS\u000A8 ........ 7000 GUARDIANTM FIRE DOORS 10........7500 GUARDIANTM FIRE SHUTTER 12........6500 COUNTER SHUTTER 14........9100/9200 SIDE-FOLDING GRILLES 15........9300 LIFT READY ROLLING GRILLES\u000A C.H.I. Overhead Doors manufactures industrial rolling steel doors, coiling fire doors, fire shutters, counter doors, grilles and side folding grilles to exceptional standards of quality. Our promise is to deliver affordable, owner-friendly rolling steel doors that are reliable, architecturally pleasing and simple to maintain.\u000A

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