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 MODEL 7500\u000AFire Shutter\u000AStandard fire counter shutters are built to order to fit specific dimensions up to 13\u20190\u201D wide, 8\u20194\u201D high. Consult factory for larger doors not listed. If headroom is critical, consult factory to determine headroom requirements for your application.\u000AFor downloadable specifications, please visit our website at or call our AIA hotline at, 800-590-0559.\u000AFire protection manufactured to the highest standards, C.H.I. fire shutters feature attractive, space-saving designs and user-friendly operation.\u000AU.L. labeled for installation to approved drywall, masonry and steel construction, Series 7500 Fire Shutters meet all U.L. requirements for counter and window openings.\u000AFEATURES:\u000A\u2022 45-minute, 90-minute and 3-hour U.L. labels with full compliance to NFPA-80 standards\u000A\u2022 Standard curtain features 1-1/2\u201D pre-painted, hot-dipped galvanized steel slats\u000A\u2022 Optional stainless steel curtain and guides available in a #4 finish\u000A\u2022 Shop painted guides in a medium gloss black and matches well with many standard and powder coated curtain finishes\u000A\u2022 Reliable viscous governor provides smooth, quiet drop testing\u000A\u2022 Easily drop tested and reset with a minimum of downtime to assure operational readiness\u000A\u2022 Designed for face of wall mount and between-jamb mounting configurations\u000A\u2022 Manual push-up operation is standard for all fire shutters up to 10\u20194\u201D x 8\u20194\u201D\u000A\u2022 Gear reduced awning crank operation is optional for all fire shutters and is standard for doors over 10\u20194\u201D wide\u000A\u2022 Bottom bar slide bolt locks are standard with cylinder locking optional.\u000A\u2022 165-degree fusible links are provided as standard detection/release devices\u000A\u2022 May be installed with all approved detection and release devices\u000A\u2022 Attractive, compact hood is designed for maximum efficiency in tight areas\u000A10\u000A

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