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     INSULATION\u000AOptional insulated section rails are available providing additional thermal protection for your space.\u000ASECTIONS\u000ABULB SEAL\u000AIntegrated bulb seal eliminates air and water infiltration keeping your interiors protected from the unwanted elements.\u000ASECTION CONSTRUCTION\u000ARail and stile sections are assembled with through bolts for added strength and longevity.\u000AFULL-VIEW ALUMINUM\u000AKEY FEATURES\u000APOWDER COATING\u000AOur in-house powder coating provides 100\u2019s of color options while providing a maintenance free, durable finish.\u000A   \u2022 Sections are 2 inches thick, and assembled with through bolts at each vertical stile location\u000A\u2022 Finishes are available in clear anodized or select one of our 188 RAL powder coat color options\u000A\u2022 Section joints are tongue-and-groove with added bulb seal\u000A\u2022 Insulated and 1/4\u201D tempered glass is available in certain sizes\u000A(Call your distributor for quote)\u000A\u2022 Substitute glass for insulated or non-insulated Aluminum panels\u000A\u2022 Easily replace damaged glass or aluminum panels with\u000Aremovable retainer clips\u000ATRACKS\u000A\u2022 Tracks are 2\u201D or 3\u201D as specified\u000A\u2022 Available in bracket mount, clip angle mount, angel mount,\u000A12\u201D radius, 15\u201D radius, high lift, vertical lift, follow roof line, or dual track low head room\u000AHARDWARE\u000A\u2022 Package includes 11-gauge or 14-gauge hinges, as specified\u000A\u2022 2\u201D or 3\u201D long-stem or short-stem steel rollers with 10 ball bearings\u000A\u2022 Heavy-duty adjustable top roller brackets\u000A\u2022 Match hinges to sections for a seamless interior look, available in\u000Aall 188 RAL powder coat color options\u000ASPRINGS\u000A\u2022 Torsion springs are helically wound with oil-tempered wire\u000A\u2022 All springs are individually-calibrated for each door\u000A\u2022 All tubes are galvanized for rust resistance\u000AC.H.I.\u2019s improved rail design has been tested and rated to\u000Athe rigors of ANSI/DASMA 105 for air infiltration and thermal performance. See our updated specifications for more information.\u000AEnjoy the view but keep the noise out!\u000AC.H.I Full-View Aluminum doors have been tested and certified for an STC (sound transmission class) Rating of 27.\u000A        FULL-VIEW ALUMINUM DOORS Refer to your local C.H.I. Dealer for exact color matching, model options, and specific sizes.\u000A 

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