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 WANT TO SEE MORE?\u000AVisit:\u000ARIBBED STEEL MODEL SELECTION CHART\u000ACOMMERCIAL SECTIONAL DOORS\u000A                   Construction/ Thickness\u000AModel\u000ASteel Gauge (Exterior)\u000AR-Value1/ U-Value\u000AMax. Size2\u000AExterior Colors3\u000A           3250\u000A25 gauge\u000A  N/A\u000A20\u20192\u201D x 16\u20190\u201D\u000AWhite, PC\u000A         2\u201D Thick\u000A3240\u000A24 gauge\u000A34\u20192\u201D x 20\u20190\u201D\u000AWhite, Sandstone, Brown, Gray, PC\u000A      3220\u000A20 gauge\u000A24\u20192\u201D x 16\u20190\u201D\u000AWhite, PC\u000A               2\u201D Thick\u000A3251\u000A25 gauge\u000A8.0/.13\u000A20\u20192\u201Dx16\u2019\u000AWhite, PC\u000A           3241\u000A24 gauge\u000A34\u20192\u201Dx18\u2019*\u000AWhite, Sandstone, Brown, Gray, PC\u000A       3221\u000A20 gauge\u000A24\u20192\u201Dx16\u201D\u000AWhite, PC\u000A             3252\u000A25 gauge\u000A20\u20192\u201D x 16\u20190\u201D\u000AWhite, PC\u000A           2\u201D Thick\u000A3242\u000A24 gauge\u000A8.0/.13\u000A24\u20192\u201D x 18\u20190\u201D\u000AWhite, Sandstone, Brown, Gray, PC\u000A       3222\u000A20 gauge\u000A24\u20192\u201D x 16\u20190\u201D\u000AWhite, PC\u000A       1 R-Values have been calculated in accordance with ASTM C518 Standards 2 Powder coat available on doors up to 32\u20192\u201D wide\u000A3 PC = doors available in 188 powder coated options\u000ACONSTRUCTION\u000APan - No Insulation\u000A\u2022 CFC-free polystyrene insulation\u000A\u2022 Stiles include special clips to hold insulation\u000Aretainer in position\u000AR-Values have been calculated in accordance with ASTM C518 standards\u000A    8.0\u000A R-Value\u000A 8.0\u000A R-Value\u000A EXTERIOR PANEL PROFILE\u000ASECTION CONSTRUCTION\u000A\u2022 Roll-formed sections are 2\u201D thick, hot-dipped galvanized with a baked-on polyester finish\u000A\u2022 Section joints are tongue-and-groove\u000A\u2022 Bottom \u201CU\u201D type astragal is a standard feature\u000A\u2022 Center Stiles are boxed-shaped and galvanized, full height of\u000Asection\u000A\u2022 Stiles are riveted to inside rails and face of door versus glued\u000Afor strength\u000APan Polystrene Insulation with high impact vinyl back cover\u000APan Polystyrene Insulation with 27gauge steel back cover\u000A   Two horizontal ribs with alternating \u2018v\u2019 grooves\u000A7\u000APan- Insulated w/ Steel Back\u000APan- Insulated w/ Vinyl Back\u000APan/\u000ANo Insulation\u000A

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