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             COMMERCIAL SECTIONAL DOORS\u000AKEY COMPONENTS\u000ATRACK CONFIGURATIONS\u000A\u2022 Tracks are 2\u201D or 3\u201D, as specified or required\u000A\u2022 3\u201D track 12 gauge, 2\u201D track gauge determined by door\u000Aheight\u000A\u2022 Available in bracket mount, clip angle mount or\u000Acontinuous angle mount\u000A\u2022 12\u201D or 15\u201D radius\u000A\u2022 Lower tracks are adjustable to ensure weather-tight fit\u000A\u2022 Horizontal tracks to be reinforced with angle (min 13\u000Agauge) according to door size and weight.\u000ASEALS\u000AInsulated Sandwich\u000A\u2022 Double contact bottom seal\u000A\u2022 Flexible gasket between sections\u000A\u2022 Optional header and jamb seals\u000ARibbed Steel\u000A\u2022 Double contact bottom floor seal full width of door. \u2022 Optional header and jamb seals\u000A\u2022 \u2022\u000A\u2022\u000A\u2022 \u2022 \u2022\u000A\u2022 \u2022\u000AHARDWARE & SPRINGS\u000AOptional inside slide lock, outside center lock with automatic latch or double lock bar lock\u000AGraduated heavy duty hinges (min 14 gauge), top fixtures (min 12 gauge) and bottom fixtures (min 13 gauge) are made of galvanized steel. Rollers have 10 ball bearings with case-hardened steel tire on a solid shaft\u000ATrussing: galvanized trussing provided according to door size and design\u000A2\u201D or 3\u201D short-stem or long-stem ball bearing rollers Heavy duty adjustable top roller brackets Oil-tempered torsion springs are mounted on a cross-header shaft supported by ball bearing end plates and center bracket(s)\u000ASprings are calculated for exact door weight, size and trajectory in accordance with current ANSI 102 standards for a minimum of 10,000 cycles\u000AHigh cycle springs available\u000ADo you have a challenging opening with complicated headroom requirements or are you unsure what door best fits your commercial application?\u000AC.H.I. dealers and the C.H.I. commercial quoting team are available to offer expertise and support.\u000ASound Transmission\u000AC.H.I Insulated Sandwich Doors have been tested and certified for an STC (sound transmission class) Rating of 21.\u000AIECC Compliant\u000AModels 3206, 3212, 3216, and 3236 are compliant with the requirements set forth by the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) for operable fenestrations.\u000A     Windload & Impact Doors\u000AWind chamber tested to ensure wind-load resistance, the C.H.I. Windbreaker Series and iSeries doors provide enhanced defense against the elements. To find out what models are windload compliant go to:\u000AHFC-Free\u000AModels 3206, 3212, 3216, and 3236 are insulated with high quality, environmentally friendly HFC-free polyurethane insulation.\u000A                             SECTIONS\u000ACommercial Warranty\u000A  10 Years\u000APart of owning a C.H.I. garage door is knowing that you can rely on the industry\u2019s best warranty. To maintain proper operation, an annual service inspection by a C.H.I. dealer is encouraged. Details at\u000A      SPRINGS\u000A    1 Year\u000A               HARDWARE\u000A 1 Year\u000A  8

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