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      SPECIFICATIONS AND OPTIONS\u000A CURTAIN\u000AFlatslat\u000AExterior Skin\u000A24 gauge, Galvanized [G/W/T/B/U/P] 22 gauge, Galvanized [G/W/T/B/U/P] 20 gauge, Galvanized [G/W/U/P]\u000A18 gauge, Galvanized [G/W/P]\u000AInterior Skin\u000A24 gauge, Galvanized [G/W/T/B/U/P]\u000AINSULATION\u000ALaid in Place [LIP] Polystyrene Laid in Place [LIP] Urethane Foamed in Place [FIP] Urethane R-Value\u000ABOTTOM BAR\u000A11 gauge, Double angle [U]\u000AMinimum 1/8\u201D double angle steel [BK] Extruded aluminum (maximum width 14\u20194\u201D) [C]\u000AHOOD\u000A24 gauge, Galvanized [G/W/T/B/U/P]\u000AGUIDES Fabricated from three (minimum 3/16\u201D) structural steel angles bolted together to form guide channel. Guide angles include curtain stops and flared guides.\u000A6242 6222\u000A6202\u000A6182\u000AS S\u000AS \u2014 \u2014 S \u2014 \u2014 \u2014 \u2014\u000AS S\u000A\u2014 \u2014 \u2014 \u2014 S S 7.2 7.2\u000AS\u000A\u2014 \u2014 S \u2014\u000AS\u000A\u2014 \u2014 S 7.2\u000A4.7\u000AS\u000A\u2014 \u2014 \u2014 S\u000AS\u000AS\u000AO\u000A\u2014\u000Aor 6.7\u000AS1 S2 O\u000AS\u000AS O O\u000AMODELS\u000A                 S1 S1 S1 S2 S2 S2 O O O\u000A    S S S\u000A  Painted steel [BK]\u000AHot dipped galvanized steel Cold galvanized steel\u000AOPERATION\u000AWINDLOAD\u000AWindbreaker Series OOO\u2014\u000AImpact Series OOO\u2014 STANDARD DIMENSIONS Consult factory for larger sizes.\u000AHeight\u000ALOCKING Chain hoist operated doors furnished with chain hoist keeper suitable for padlocking. Optional bottom bar cylinder locking available.\u000ASS S OO O OO O\u000A    SS S\u000AMotor OOOO\u000AChain hoist\u000AS\u000A      Width\u000A24\u20194\u201D 24\u20194\u201D 30\u20190\u201D 30\u20190\u201D\u000A 16\u20194\u201D 20\u20194\u201D 24\u20190\u201D 24\u20190\u201D\u000A  WARRANTY Manufacturer\u2019s standard 5-year from date of plant shipment against defects in materials or workmanship. Spring wire is warranted for one year. C.H.I.\u2019s obligations are strictly limited to repair or replacement of defective parts and components during the warranty period.\u000A INSTALLATION C.H.I. Rolling Steel Doors shall be installed and adjusted according to C.H.I. assembly instructions by trained door service technicians. S = Standard O = Optional \u2014 = Not available G = Gray W = White T = Tan B = Brown U = Unpainted galvanized C = Clear anodized P = Powder coat BK = Black\u000A 1 Standard on doors up to 14\u20194\u201D wide. 2 Standard on doors over 14\u20194\u201D wide. CURTAIN PROFILES\u000AFlat Slat F2.5 - Polystyrene / R-value= 4.7Slat F2.5\u000A2-1/2\u201D\u000A13/16\u201D\u000AFlat Slat F2.5 - Urethane / R-value= 6.7 Slat F2.5\u000A2-1/2\u201D\u000A13/16\u201D\u000AFlat Slat F2.7 - Urethane / R-value= 7.2\u000A                        2-3/4\u201D\u000A                               11/16\u201D\u000A      FINISHES\u000A    Gray [G]\u000AWhite [W]\u000ATan [T]\u000ABrown [B]\u000A 7\u000A

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