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MODEL 7000\u000AGuardianTM Fire Doors\u000A                       A PROTECTION PLAN MAKES A DIFFERENCE.\u000AThe GuardianTM Fire Door is engineered to meet ever-increasing demands of property owners and insurance underwriters in a simple, easy-to-test, and reset fire protection product with a U.L. label rating from 3/4-hour to 4-hour protection. Manual push-up, chain hoist and automatic reset motor operation is available for GuardianTM Fire Doors and can incorporate one of several release device options. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and other model codes recommend frequent drop testing of rolling steel fire doors to ensure a continuous state of operational readiness. C.H.I. strongly promotes these recommendations with the GuardianTM advanced design features.\u000AAuto-Reset Operator\u000AAutomatically resets following a drop test or activation and is operable as soon as the alarm is cleared saving time and money.\u000AGrifco\u000AGear reduced chain hoist features a centrifugal governor that can be adjusted to control the drop speed of the door.\u000ASimple Test\u000AStandard feature used for drop testing and resetting of the fire door from the floor without ladders, tools or other equipment.\u000A    8\u000A   GuardianTM Fire Doors are built to order to fit specific dimensions up to 24\u20190\u201D wide, 24\u20190\u201D high. Consult factory for\u000Alarger doors not listed. If headroom is critical, consult factory to determine headroom requirements for your application.\u000AFor downloadable specifications, please visit our website at or call our AIA hotline at, 800-590-0559.\u000A       

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