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Planned Maintenance Agreements are the best way to keep[ thing running smoothly and avoiding surprise expenses.

Throughout the years, APEX OVERHEAD DOOR COMPANY, INC. has learned that an ounce of preventive maintenance now could prevent a costly service call in the future. It is a proven fact that an emergency repair is not only expensive: it could be eliminated with the help of a trained mechanic. Spotting a problem before it develops should always be the motivating factor of a PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE PROGRAM.

OUR PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE PROGRAM is available for all types of doors and door operators and will furnish inspection and preventive maintenance service on your sectional/rolling door and motor operators.

A PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE PROGRAM will be designed to fit your needs. Each program is individually tailored and can be institute on a quarterly, semi-annual, annual or a monthly basis.

Take the worry out of potential breakdowns.

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