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Commercial Services


Because commercial-use doors see a lot of action it is important to have dependable service team on your side. Apex Overhead Doors is a factory trained team.

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Residential Services


Your home is your castle so make sure your security is complete with Garage door service solutions.

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Industrial Services


Loading docks, overhead doors, gates and controls need servicing and here at Apex Overhead Doors we offer certified professional service for all your equipment.

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Same Day Repair Service is available for Emergencies (Call by 9 EST.)

Our service technicians and service support staff are highly motivated and understand the importance of prompt, efficient customer service. Our personnel are well-trained in the repair of virtually all brands of the various products in our industry. Large inventories of replacement parts are stocked at each of our five warehouse locations, as well as on each of our trucks. Well-trained technicians, professional supervision and support staff, and well-stocked trucks have proven essential in providing our customers with high quality service.

Garage Door Repair Services:

Is your garage door or garage door operator in need of repair?

Contact one of our expert service technicians and service support staff today! We offer repair service 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so you can choose the time that is most convenient for you. We make it our goal to offer the best garage door repair services on the market, and we do it by providing customers with access to well-trained technicians, a highly proficient support staff, and well-stocked replacement part inventories.


  • Broken Garage Door Spring Repair
  • Torsion spring replacement and repair
  • Broken or bent rollers repair
  • Broken garage door cables repair
  • Bent track, misaligned or rusted track repair
  • Replacement of Sections or Panels
  • Fire Door Drop Test
  • Preventative Maintenance Programs

Priority Repair

 When your loading dock or in-plant equipment is down, you need reliable repair solutions – the sooner the better! Apex Overhead Doors provides priority service for times when you cannot wait for a repair. We service all brands of loading dock equipment: levelers, seals, shelters, commercial, industrial, sectional, roll-up doors, and more. We also repair cooler/freezer doors, freight lifts, and scissor lifts, and perform fire door inspection and drop testing per NFPA-80 standards.

Apex Overhead Doors priority repair delivers:

  • 24-hour response and emergency service offered at most locations
  • Geographically-based service technicians can respond sooner with less travel time
  • Gate entry systems
  • Fully-equipped service vehicles, with the supply of onboard parts and reference manuals, allow most repairs to be done same day
  • Ninety (90) day warranty on all repairs
  • Fully-insured and bonded technicians
  • Factory-trained and certified technicians who can diagnose and repair most types of in-plant equipment, including: electrical, mechanical, hydraulic, and welding
  • Field service representatives who are technically trained to assess your equipment’s condition and recommend repair solutions

Detailed Services




  • Inspect Door Alignment End Level
  • Inspect Slats & End Locks for Damage
  • Inspect all Weather Stripping for Wear or Damage
  • Adjust Spring & Lubricate Bearings
  • Inspect & Tighten Fasteners
  • Inspect & Lubricate Chain Hoist
  • Inspect Guides, Bottom Bar and Hood
  • Inspect Locks for Proper Operation
  • Inspect and Tighten All Sprockets

*Lubricate  Guides, Headplates  & All Moving Parts



  • Inspect and Adjust Limit Switches
  • Inspect and Adjust Belts
  • Inspect and Adjust Brakes
  • Inspect Gear Reducer
  • Inspect Operator Mounting
  • Inspect and Test Disconnect
  • Inspect and Lubricate Roller Chain
  •  Inspect and Tighten all Sprockets
  • Check “V” Belts on Hoist & Jackshaft, Operators, for Wear & Tear. Replace if Necessary
  • Inspect “3” Button Station,Photo Eyes & Wiring.



  • Inspect Cleanliness and Age of Fuse Links
  • Drop Test Door for Proper Operation
  • Check that Door is Properly Reset
  • Test Electric Fusible Links for Continuity (Where Applicable)
  • Test Hold-Open Devices and Time Delays (Where Applicable)
  • Label Door with Date & Mechanic Lubricating when the Last Five Drop Test was Done
  • Provide Fire Drop Test Form for Customers Records,Indicating when Doors were Tested and if they Passed or Failed.
  • Lubricate Guides, Heights & all Other Moving Parts
  • Tighten all Nuts, Bolts & Set Screws Replace as Required.



  • Clean Debris from Pit
  • Inspect Condition or Lip and Deck
  • Inspect Toe Guards
  • Inspect Weather Stripping for Wear or Damage
  • Inspect All Welds
  • Inspect End Lubricate Rear Hinge
  • Inspect Hydraulic Cylinders
  • Inspect Hydraulic Fittings for Leakage
  • Inspect Hydraulic Hoses for Damage
  • Inspect and Lubricate Lip Hinge Tube
  • Inspect Limit Switch Arms for Wear
  • Inspect and Lubricate Cylinder Pivots
  • Inspect Cross Traffic Legs
  • Inspect and Adjust Chains and Cables
  • Inspect Sub Frame for Wear or Damage
  • Inspect Fluid Level in Pump
  • Inspect and Adjust Hydraulic Valves
  • Inspect all Electrical Connections
  • Inspect Bumpers for Wear or Damage
  • Inspect & Tighten Fasteners for Bumpers
  • Inspect Control Panel
  • Cycle Leveler for Proper Operation
  • Inspect Dock Seals/Shelters (if applicable)



  • Clear Debris From Pit
  • Inspect Condition of Lip & Deck
  • Inspect Toe Guard
  • Inspect W/S & Seals for Wear & Damage
  • Inspect all Welds
  • Inspect & Lubricate Rear Hinge
  • Inspect & Adjust Springs as Required
  • Inspect Lubricate/Grease Lip Hinge Tube
  • Inspect & Adjust all Chains & Cables
  • Inspect Subframe for Wear, Damage & Rust
  • Inspect & Lubricate all Moving & Pivot Points



  • Remove Galvanized Drum Hood to Expose/Inspect all Mechanical Components
  • Check Electric Photo-Eyes and Realign for Proper Operation
  • Check Glide Guide  Covers, Guides  and Replace  when necessary
  • Check Dynaco Door Fabric  for  Rips or Tears and Replace  when necessary
  • Check Electrical Cabinet and Associated Electrical Wiring along with Components
  • Check Emergency Stop Button
  • Lubricate Guides, Headplates and all Moving Parts


  • Garage Door Opener Service and Repair
    Overhead garage door openers are built using the most high-quality technology and durable materials, but occasionally problems arise. If this happens, our technicians will inspect the issue thoroughly, and find a solution quickly. Whether a transmitter is not receiving a signal, a critical part is broken, or there is an interference with the frequency, we will get to the bottom of the problem and fix your garage door openers.


  • Broken Garage Door Spring Repair
    Garage door spring repairs can be tricky, so we recommend you contact us to take care of yours. If done incorrectly, you can damage your garage door openers, bend the tops of your steel doors, or even injure yourself. Avoid these situations by getting in touch with one of our representatives as soon as you notice a problem with your springs.


  • Torsion spring replacement and repair
    Because the springs are under an incredible amount of tension, replacing the torsion springs on your garage doors is a very dangerous process. We highly recommend you contact one of our professionals to complete this repair for you. They have the right tools and training and know the correct procedure for replacing all springs.


  • Broken or bent rollers repair
    Replacing your garage door’s bent or broken roller requires some specific power tools, and it can be complicated. It’s an incredibly unsafe procedure if you do not know exactly what you are doing. Save yourself the hassle – and a potential injury – by contacting us for the repair services today.


  • Broken garage door cables repair
    Your garage door cables are under considerable tension, and the process for repairing them is quite dangerous. We don’t want our customers to risk their safety. As soon as you notice a broken cable, contact us and we’ll send a professional to fix it immediately.


  • Bent track, misaligned or rusted track repair
    If the tracks running along either side of your overhead garage door are not properly aligned, significant issues can arise. Fixing a misaligned, bent or rusted track repair requires much more than a hammer to beat out the problem. Let the professionals take care of it and save you any potential injuries or additional cost.


  • Replacement of Sections or Panels
    If your garage door has suffered significant damage to some of its sections or panels, we can take care of the problem. Our team of certified technicians is trained to tackle even the most difficult repairs.


  • Fire Door Drop Test
    It’s important to keep your garage door in compliance with the requirements of the National Fire Protection Association. Allow our team of professionals to test your garage door and provide you with the seal of approval from this important safety organization.


  • Preventative Maintenance Programs
    If your garage door openers or garage doors are in need of repair, contactone of our experienced
    If your business uses garage doors on a regular basis, this program is especially beneficial for you. It is designed to reduce any logistics problems, emergency repair costs, receiving / shipping delays, and workflow disruption. You get longer door life expectancy, which is great for your bottom line.

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